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Unlike the PL-L preamp, the Jazz is more “conventional” where the line ins and outs are located on the back panel of the preamp and not on the sides like the PL-L. This makes it so much more visually appealing when it is installed on the rack where the cables run behind the rack. Sonically, if you are looking for a tube preamp that is one of the best in sonic transparency, this is as good as it comes. Superbly well built and designed, the Jazz effortlessly recreates music in such a clean, transparent manner its like having live music in your room. The accuracy in reproducing every musical note is its most outstanding feat. There is almost no coloration and the music that flowed out from it was so clean and unadulterated its like it was “whitewash” internally. Its ruthlessly revealing nature will thus demand a top end source unit, amplification and speakers. Anything less and you are under valuing its potential.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in excellent shape with minor scuff marks from use. External power supply unit is also in excellent shape. The optional base plate is included. There is no remote with this unit so we have priced it accordingly (but you can buy it directly from Nagra. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.