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The C356BEE that we have been selling is an impressive unit. But if you want the same warm sound with a lot more power, than this C375BEE will be just right for you. With 150W (almost double that of the C356BEE), the C375BEE has been described in some of the many positive reviews as “competition crushing”. Indeed, when we put a veil over this amp during our audition with our customers, they thought they were listening to a $3,000 integrated amp. The “PD” abbreviation you see on the bottom right hand corner of the faceplate stands for its proprietary PowerDrive technology which measures the speaker’s impedance it is paired to and sends the “perfect” power balance to the speakers. Compared to a similarly priced Japanese integrated, the NAD has a slightly warmer, richer overtones. It may not sound as “sharp” but has nice details to match its warm flowing sound. Google for its many positive reviews and awards it has won from around the World.

This particular unit was a former dealer demo piece. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Original bow, manual and remote is included. This is still a current model.