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The earlier NAD components have always been about simplicity and focusing on the music. The 1600 is one good example of this philosophy of theirs. In fact, in the era where this and the likes of the legendary 3020 integrated amp rule supreme for high quality sound and affordability, it was almost impossible to find a lemon within NAD’s range of quality components. The 1600 preamp you see here was packed with such goodies like a tuner, MM & MC phono stage, not overly invasive tone controls, bass EQ and much more. When paired with a power amp from the same Monitor Series, you would be looking at a pre/power combo for around $1,000 which was a bargain for what they offer in terms of sound quality. It has a smooth, warm almost tubey sound to it. Not┬áviciously precise like some newer, more expensive preamps but than again, when you factor in its current asking price of $250, what more can you ask for from this lovely classic piece?

Cosmetically, there are some minor scuff marks from use but faceplate and overall chassis looks good. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. Remote is included.