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The 1020B preamp is where the 3020 owners (or for that matter, any audiophile who wants to get into the NAD sound) continue their journey with that so musical NAD sound but in a split pre/power combination. This gave the budget audiophile more power output but retained back the same rich, almost tube-like lush sound of the 3020 integrated. NAD components have never been revolutionary in moving the bar on high end audio but they have been revolutionary in producing extremely musical components for so little money. Find any sub-$1,000 setup then and you would almost always find an NAD in there. In fact, some of the best sounding setup were just a NAD CD player and its 3020 integrated amp with a pair of Celestion or Mission speakers. Simple but very effective in bringing emotional music to the humble audiophile. Now, for under $150, you can re-assemble back the same winning setup from the Eighties for under $500 now and take a walk back down memory lane! You just need some patience and effort to find the components.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good with some minor scuff marks from use and age. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.