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There are two power amps from Nirvana Electronic Works (N.E.W) that we really like – the A-20.1 and the A-60 listed here. The A-60 a beefier version of the A-20.1 with 60W of Class A sound versus 20W in the A-20.1. Listening to the A-60, you immediately get a sense of power the A-60 has over the A-20.1. It is slightly more composed and had more weight in the mid-range and bass. Comparing it with another sub-$1,000 Class A amp, the Monarchy Audio SM-70, the A-60 is the better sounding amp. The SM-70 is good but sounded “timid” next to the A-60. The A-60 was more brazen in its reproduction of music, attacking every notes with confidence. Paired with the matching P-3 preamp that we also have for sale, they become one of the best sounding Class A combos for under $3,000 and at under $1500 now, they are a real bargain. The main advantage the A-60 have over the A-20.1 and the SM-70 is that it is not restrictive in its selection of speakers. You don’t need high efficiency speakers like the A-20.1 and the SM-70 would do because the A-60 has enough power to drive most speakers.

Cosmetically, the amp is in nice shape. Some scuff marks here and there and around the heat sinks but they are all common on amps of this age. Front top left corner of the faceplate has a very small ding. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.