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The A5 system that Musical Fidelity introduced several years back was a high performance setup that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The A5Cr dual mono stereo amp you see here is the powerhouse in that setup. With 255W in 8 ohm and 416W in 4 ohm and a solid construction, the A5Cr impresses in every area. Its tremendous amount of power would drive any speakers out there and its dynamic, big scale sound would transform any modest system into a top league setup. This is one of the rare power amps, you would have to try really hard to be critical about. The amp has a switch in the front to allow selection from two different inputs which can be very useful if you have two preamps and two sources but want to run both into the A5Cr. Previous owner absolutely loved the amp so much he upgraded one pair of the speaker outputs into more premium speaker binding posts to take on heavier gauge speaker wires.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there that are common with use but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.