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Monster cables has made some ridiculously good cables that were priced so affordably it didn’t even make sense. Take this 8ft bi-wired pair. It weighs a lot more than what its $800 MSRP suggest (you could buy other $800 speaker cables that don’t even weigh 1/4 of this Monster cable), comes solidly built with premium materials and highly adaptable Master Pin connectors that makes switching of bananas and spades such a breeze.

The M2.4S was one of Monster Cables more premium lineup. And sonically, you can hear the difference. There was a lot more bass, richer mid-range and a smoother, more airy high end. If you have a pair of speakers that can flex broadly across the frequency range, the M2.4S can deliver the signal that helps your speakers do this. For under $300 now, this is a steal and untouchable when you factor in its built quality. Many users even consider them as the best speaker cables for under $1,000!

We have the original paperwork and flight case for it.