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Monster cables has made some ridiculously good cables that were priced so affordably it didn’t even make sense. Take this 8ft bi-wired pair. It weighs a lot more than what its $800 MSRP suggest (you could buy other $800 speaker cables that don’t even weigh 1/4 of this Monster cable), comes solidly built with premium materials and highly adaptable Master Pin connectors that makes switching of bananas and spades such a breeze. Cables currently have spades on the amp end and bananas on the speaker end.

The M2.4S was one of Monster Cables more premium lineup. And sonically, you can hear the difference. There was a lot more bass, richer mid-range and a smoother, more airy high end. If you have a pair of speakers that can flex broadly across the frequency range, the M2.4S can deliver the signal that helps your speakers do this. For under $400 now, this is a steal and untouchable when you factor in its built quality. Many users even consider them as the best speaker cables for under $1,000 and can be even found in systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Cosmetically, the cables look good. Some scuff marks here and there and nicks around the barrel ends but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed in a Monster “briefcase” for safe shipping.