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The Radius 180 speaker you see here is one of the better sounding compact speaker out in the market. Measuring just 13.75″ by 4.75″ by 3.75″, the speaker can be used horizontally as a center channel speaker or if you find another one, run them both as the front stereo speakers or surround speakers. No matter how you use it, the speakers will not disappoint (especially when you factor in its size and price). Sound reproduction was crystal clear and detailed. Bass is very respectable at 60Hz considering the mid-woofer is barely larger than 4″ and only one is used in the speaker. Driver material is metal polymer based which gives it a tight sound and fast response. Highs are provided by its 1″ gold dome C-CAM tweeter for the “crispy” but not dry highs. Frequency response is 60Hz to 25kHz with a sensitivity of 87dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. Manufacturer recommends an amp with a power output of 10-100W be used to drive it.

The speaker was a former static display unit at the dealership so it is almost as good as new in the box. We have the original box, manual and wall bracket. Speakers come with two sets of grille covers – one in white and one in silver to give the speaker an interesting contrast to the ivory white finish of the cabinet.