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If you don’t like the rectangular and boxy shape of center channel speakers, then the Apex 40 center channel speaker you see here might meet your needs. Its 5″ height fits just nicely between the bottom edge of your TV and the shelf it is sitting on. The rounded corners further adds a more lifestyle appeal instead of the sharp corners and “unattractive” look of a box sitting in front or below the TV. Sound quality is very impressive with the twin 5″ midwoofers and the gold dome tweeter, producing a very vibrant sound with quick midbass and detailed highs. Sound projection was fairly large scale so even a 55″ TV would pair nicely to it. Finish is a glossy black. There are has some scratches and tiny knicks here and there. Grille cover is in good condition with no tears or snags. Mounting bracket you see on the back of the speaker is included. See pictures.

We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe arrival.