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This is probably the best bang for the buck upgrade over your stock AC cord. The Z-Cord has double filters to further eliminate noise and electrical contamination in your system. You could use this with different components (you should try it with different components and see which best benefit from using it) but we use it with preamps with improved resolution and a slightly quieter background. This cable was recently traded in for the much improved and MORE expensive Z-Cord ACII AC cord which retails for ten times more! And that’s because he upgraded from a $3,000 preamp to a $27,000 preamp. So if your component is within the sub-$3,000 range, this can be a┬ávery affordable upgrade to your unit.

Cosmetically, the┬ácable is in fair shape. Some minor scuff marks on the filter boxes. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.