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The Oracle Paris turntable has always been a mid-fi bargain. It was relatively inexpensive at its $4,000 MSRP which was basically the table and its arm. If you choose to get the Paris cartridge, it would have bumped the total cost of ownership to just slightly more than $5,000, which would still have been a bargain. The previous owner of this unit chose to use an Elac ESG 796 MM cartridge instead. The Elac is in need of a re-tip so you may want to have a working cartridge ready if you are getting this table (we will still include the cartridge anyway). The platter and arm are mounted over a three-layer, semi-floating chassis that isolates it from unhealthy vibrations. As part of the design to give it an artistically clean modern look, the belt and driver pulley are located under the platter. The belt goes round a sub-platter (which can prove to be tricky to mount) under the platter which you then string it round the driver pulley. Turning knob on the top left hand corner is where you select 33 1/3, 45 and turning it on. Power is supplied through an outboard power supply. The record clamp meant to secure the record on to the platter is usable when the fabric mat is removed otherwise, the extra “height” from the fabric mat prevents a secured lock down. Record spins fine either way.

Cosmetically, the┬átable is in fair shape. The usual polishing swirl marks over a gloss black finish, a small nick on the front left edge of the table and the usual scuff marks here and there from use. The grounding prong is slightly twisted but works fine. We don’t have the dust cover but the hinges are there so you can install a custom made cover over it. Turntable will be securely packed for safe shipping.