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This was a custom ordered speaker cables where instead of just one pair of terminals on the end that is connecting to the amp, there are two pairs – four banana plugs. The previous owner had a four channel amp and wanted to utilize all four channels to drive his speakers so he had the cables custom order with four amplifier terminals. Speaker end has the usual four banana terminals that you would normally use to bi-wire or bi-amp the speakers. Each cable has two network boxes and cable itself is pretty thick so factor that it in if you decide to get them to wire up your speakers. Needless to say, these speaker cables were a reference point in their day and is still quite a smash hit today if you want a pair of cables that can deliver strong, clean bass lines, rich mid-ranges and sweet highs.

Cosmetically, the┬ácable is in nice shape. Some scuff marks on the filter box and cables from use over the years but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.