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The MS-5 is truly exceptional “mini” monitor speakers. It brings back memories of the Rogers LS3/5A but a more younger and exciting version. The MS-5 was more dynamic sounding and easily got our feet tapping to the music. With a 4″ bass driver, it had a pretty respectable bottom end oomph. It will not produce room shaking bass but reproduced kick drums with a ferocious bite. The mid-range is not as warm or thick as the LS3/5A but had enough presence in the mids to throw out a nice holographic image. Soundstaging is a tad smaller when compared to larger monitor speakers or placed in medium to large size rooms which are probably not the areas where these speakers were designed to be used anyway. In small rooms or your office, these speakers will produce a beautiful musical setting with precision and clarity. If you want more bass, add a subwoofer and use them as satellites. All in all, these are very impressive mini-monitors. Built quality is first rate (made in England).

As you can see from the pictures, the speakers are in awesome condition. They were previously new in the box and were only taken out to test them and have their pictures taken. They will be shipped double box with their original box.