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This was a highly rated speaker from the early Nineties. Back in the day, the British all trying to produce compact high end monitors that delivered more than what their diminutive size suggests. Being slightly larger than the legendary Rogers LS-3/5a, the Mission has a bigger woofer at 5.25″ versus 4.5″ on the Rogers. As a result of this, the Mission reaches down 10Hz lower than the Rogers. Frequency response on the Mission is 70Hz to 20KHz. Both uses a 3/4″ dome tweeter. Sensitivity is 89dB with a nominal impedance of 6 ohm. Listening to the Mission, it was clearly obvious the Mission was the “faster” sounding speaker. Bass had a quicker attack and more punch. The mids were better defined but less smooth than the Rogers and the highs a bit sharper. Like the Rogers, the Mission needs a good solid stand and proper room positioning to really sound its best. We have the matching “Z” stands from Mission (for sale in a separate listing) but would go with something heavier to get the imaging more focus and the bass reign in tighter. If you can bi-amp them, even better.

The pair of Mission speakers you see here was a former demo pair that a dealer had forgotten in his warehouse. Apparently it was used lightly and then packed up due to a store move and forgotten in the warehouse when it arrived there. The speakers brings back lots of nostalgic memories of the bygone era where a stereo system was intentionally kept simple with just a CD player (or turntable) that is paired to a well designed integrated amp and speakers. If you get the mix right, you are in audio heaven. If you flip through the pages of British Hifi magazines like HiFi Choice and What HiFi from that era, you will know what we are talking about.

Cosmetically, the speakers look really good with minor scuff marks. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.