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Amazing center channel speaker for the money. The OMD-C1 with its patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround and special wide dispersion sound field is the perfect center speaker for the big center sound you want out from a modest home theater setup. Within its 19″ wide, 7-11/16″ height and 7-5/8″ depth is a four driver, three way speaker. Tweeter is a 1″ PTH tweeter and the mids and two woofers are titanium polypropylene based 4″ and 5.5″ woofers. The speaker has a bass response of 65 Hz and a high of 20 KHz with impedance at 6 ohm and sensitivity at 90 dB.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks fair. There are some scuff marks here and there and two spots (where we can see) where the grille cloth has snagged. Tweeter has a few dimples but works perfectly.  Speaker will be securely packed for safe shipping.