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As the entry level subwoofer under the OMNI series of subwoofers, the OMNI S8 is one of the best bang for the buck subwoofer you can get for $120 now. It uses a patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround 8″ woofer with an on board 100W amp that is good for 27 Hz to 120 Hz. That is an incredibly low frequency reach for a sub at this price point. Setup is a breeze where you just need to plug the subwoofer out from your preamp into the OMNI S8, adjust the crossover frequency that best matched your stereo speakers, adjust the sub volume and you are good to go. Bass was impressively punchy and fast so kudos to Mirage for a great design and pricing it so affordably (its $370 MSRP was already a great bargain!). Dimensionally, the sub is about 12″ wide, 15″ tall and 15.5″ deep.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer looks fair. There are some scuff marks here and there and a minor bottom corner ding that is really only visible when you look at it from beneath. Previous owner is looking for the grille cover (he put it away after his cat decided to use the grille cover as a scratching station) so at this point, assume it is not included. But if he finds it by the time it is sold, we will include it. You just need to fit a new grille netting over it. Subwoofer will be securely packed for safe shipping.