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These monitor speakers are one of the better pairs out there if you are considering monitor speakers and don’t want to spend more than $400. The closest competitor to them in our opinion are the Totem monitor speakers. The MGD Rev 5i is just as well made but cost considerably cheaper (depending on which Totem monitor speaker you are comparing them with) and sounds just as good. It does need a good solid speaker stand to really anchor them down for a tighter bass and soundstage. There isn’t much information out there on these speakers because there many of them circulating around in the used marker. But each speaker measures 7″ wide. 10.25″ deep and 12.5″ tall. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms and sensitivity should be around 89dB. They are not difficult to drive and the Dayens Ampino integrated amp with its sweet 25W per channel drove them perfectly. The speakers are more “soulful” than anything else. It imaged beautifully and with vocals, had a richly textured sound that really projected the singer right in the center sweet spot of our listening room. Bass was wholesome but not bone shaking (for that to happen, you need bigger speakers and bigger drivers) and the highs was smooth and well defined. For monitor speakers under $400, this is a very interesting alternative and should be on your consideration list if you are shopping for one.

Cosmetically, they look good. Some minor scuff marks and tiny dings but nothing major. See pictures and listing. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.