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These were one of the earlier active speakers that really set the benchmark for audiophile sound in active speakers. The speakers use one of the most sought after mid-woofers in speakerdom, the Kef B110. A pair of such drivers on its own typically sell for around $250-$300 and with two pairs used in these speakers, our asking price of $795 for the pair is a steal. Each speaker house a 105W power amplifier that provides the music across its 38 Hz – 35 kHz frequency range. Sensitivity is 83dB. We have the original stands for them which places them at the most ideal height for listening. And when properly positioned in your room, provides a surreptitiously rich sounding soundstage with cleanly defined lines and an impressively punchy presence. The beauty with these speaker or any active speakers for that matter is the doing away of a power amp. You can just connect your preamp or a CD player with variable output directly to the Meridian speakers and you are all ready to enjoy some wonderful music. To a certain extend, the Meridian sounded like a distant cousin to the Kii active speakers we had before. It may not be as transparent or as fast sounding or as luxuriously built, but it was just as enjoyable at a more wallet friendly budget (very much more!).

Cosmetically, the speakers look fair for its vintage. There are a couple of nicks/scratches and a top right corner ding but nothing major that is visible from a few feet away. The grille covers have a few missing pegs (but stills stays on fine) and one of them was re-glued back at the corners. The speakers have some weight and will be shipped in three  boxes Рtwo boxes for the speakers and one box for the stands. Pickup from the store can be arranged.