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The 559 stereo amp from Meridian is a rarely seen power amp. Rated for more than 300W in 8 ohms and more than 1000W when bridged, this is major powerhouse. Add almost 94lbs to the equation and this amp is not just big in numbers on paper but physically too! We tried a pair of Magnepan’s 3.7 with it and it drove them with great ease. Bass was well controlled with tight authority and the mids were meaty with nicely rolled off highs. It may not have the same clinical presentation of say, the Luxman M-800A we have in the store but neither is the Meridian anywhere near the big price tag of the Luxman. So with a more equitable expectation, the Meridian is a tremendously wonderful sounding amp if you are in the market for a sub-$2500-$3000 amp. Ideally, if you could use (or get) two in bridged mode, you would easily be looking at one of the most powerful pairing of amps for under $5,000.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good overall. There are a couple of nicks/scratches and tiny paint scrapes here and there but no impact on the functionality of the amp. This is a heavy amp so local pickup from the store preferred but if shipping is required, it will be securely boxed for safe shipping.