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The MX151 is as good as it comes. Being McIntosh’s former flagship model, it had the very heavy responsibility of benchmarking itself out there and and showcasing to the industry what it has to offer. And it does not to do so. The home theater system that this MX151 came out from is nothing short of spectacular. A full 160″ screen greeted us as we walked down into the basement home theater system. Upon firing it up (the MX151 were hooked up to five MC601s and a MC152 that powered the side surrounds), the MX151 took reign of every movie soundtrack we played through it. Star Trek’s Into Darkness was so realistically reproduced, we almost felt like we were in the heart of the movie! Especially in the scene where the USS Vengeance was pursuing the USS Enterprise. The sound effects are easily one of the best we have listened to from a home theater system and is only beaten by the megascale system of a cinema setup.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks on the side panels from being moved in and out of the inwall rack but overall, the unit looks presentable. The unit is currently preset by the previous owner based on his setup so you can either reset them to suit your setup or just use the current settings in the unit. We have the original box, remote (a bit roughed up but works fine), MIC and MIC stand for it. Manual is available online.