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The MX130 is an AV tuner preamp that was THX certified when it was released many years back. Back before Dolby Digital, DTS etc. So if you are looking to use this as the cornerstone of your home theater system, this will probably not cut it unless you want the “old tech” sound of Dolby ProLogic. But as a stereo preamp with a tuner feature, than this should be on your list. It has all the hallmarks of a McIntosh stereo preamp, warm sounding, rich mid-range, clear details and an easy sound for any speaker that it will be paired up to. Its not the last word for “reference” sound but it has an easy going nature that we love.

Cosmetically, the unit looks its age. Some knicks along the edges and a small scratch on the right side of the unit. Most primary bulbs are okay and maybe the secondary bulb in the middle of the display (just above the main display) is wearing out which is why there is a slight dim spot but everything works perfectly. Original remote included and will be securely packed for safe shipping.