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This was an earlier model (2003) that was filled to the brim with features. Component video out, S-Video out, Coaxial video out, 5.1 channel RCA out and 2-channel RCA and XLR out. It even has digital outputs if you want to use an outboard processor. Unmistakable McIntosh sound when used as an audio player (which we highly recommend) with the video function more like a bonus. DVD video through the McIntosh is very good for a DVD player but on the back of HD and HDMIs, it’s a bit out of its league. Its the audio that is the real star here. It even has a pair of dedicated two channel audio out. But if video is an important criteria for selecting this model, go with the component video out. Much better video quality.

Unit will work on 220V and 240V by switching the jumper inside. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Original remote included. Cosmetically, this player is in very nice condition. The CD transport is not as quiet as the newer models (early generation McIntosh players all behave like this) but reads all disc and DVDs with no issue.