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This is one of the better DACs for under $1,500. We have always liked PS Audio’s Digital Link III DAC (and still do) but the MYDAC II has slightly better resolution, sounded smoother in the mids and highs and equaled the DL III with detail retrieval. And that has to do with their use of their proprietary technology in tackling the digital signal coming into the¬†Texas Instruments PCM1798 DAC (you can read more about it on their website). Your choice of sub-$1,000 DACs are plenty but for one that sounds this good are few. The MYDAC II will readily accept coaxial, Toslink and USB so there is a great flexibility if you are using a digital player or streaming music from your PC.

The unit was a “new” unit that a customer of ours bought but never got to use. We only took it out for the pics you see here and listened to it for about 2 hours, so some further burning in is required. We have the original box for it.