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This was one of McIntosh’s earlier tuner which has become a collectible piece over the years. And like other McIntosh pieces from the era, its decked out with tubes which distinguishes itself from the later tuners which are predominantly solid state based. The MR65 has fourteen tubes –  (2)6BN4A, 12AT7, (4)6AU6, 6CS6, (2)6BN8, 6U8, 6C4, EZ80/6V4 and 12AU7. With these many tubes, it is thus not surprising that voices over the MR65 is almost “human like” as if the person is talking right in your room. Pull strength is good and we were able to lock in any of the radio stations that our internal antenna picked up.

The tuner was recently checked out and serviced with worn out/old parts replaced. All tubes tested out good and will be individually marked and boxed for shipping. The chrome plate has oxidized but can be polished back to its original shine with some TLC. Markings on the plate has worn out but you can still make out some of them. Schematics are available online. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.