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The MR77 is a McIntosh classic that in many instances have far exceeded its original MSRP and has become the “Rolex” of tuners (where its value is appreciating over the years). Aside from its “vintage” fascia, the MR77 is an incredible tuner. It pulls signal in with amazing ease and locks on with a good solid hold. Voices through news channel is live like and can mimic the experience where you are like in the same recording studio. Music was good and very “analog like” with clean clear music. We had a simple indoor antenna and it easily pulled in all kinds of FM radio signals with no issue. Just imagine if you have an outdoor antenna! Unit was recently serviced and checked out. Worn parts (ICs, resistors etc) were replaced and unit is working like a champ now!

Cosmetically, the unit looks good for its age. Some scuff marks/light scratchesĀ  here and there on the wooden cabinet which could be freshen up with a new cost of varnish. We will have the unit securely packed for safe shipping.