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The MR7082 is a tuner unlike many other tuners. Being that it is a McIntosh already sets it apart from the rest but its the quality of sound/music that the MR7082 can extract out from “thin air” that really distinguishes it from the rest. Compared to the Kenwood L-01 tuner that is the benchmark of choice in our store, the MR7082 came close in relaying the same organic human voice as what we heard from the Kenwood. But when put through extended listening, the Kenwood sounded more natural and more appealing, albeit at a price premium. Signal pull was strong if you have a good antenna attached to it and if the conditions are right, the tuner can sound amazingly “lifelike”. So if your budget is tight and want one of the better vintage tuners out there, the MR7082 should be placed very high on your short list.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good for its age. Some scuff marks on the case cover (mainly on the side panels) but glass faceplate is nice and clean. We don’t have the original box but will double box it for safe shipping.