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If you are familiar with McIntosh products, you will know they are generally big and heavy. But not this MHA100. Designed as a lifestyle piece, the MHA150 hits many home bases for the different audiophiles. It serves as a headphone amp (1/4″ output) for the headphone audiophile or an all-in-one compact amp if you have limited space for a full rack system. For the latter audiophiles, you would be glad to hear it has 50W of power to drive a pair of speakers and is good for up to two analog and four digital components. The four digital components will utilize its internal 16-32 bit/32 kHz to 384 kHz (USB input only, 192 kHz for coaxial and optical) DAC which sounds extraordinary good and will rival many standalone DACs out there that cost up to $5,000. There is even a pair of preouts in case you have larger, more current hungry speakers to drive and need a bigger power amp. Physically, the MHA150 looks like a miniature integrated amp from their full size MA-series lineup with the iconic blue power output meters. It looks really attractive and its compact size (11-1/2″W x 5-9/16″H x 15″D) allows for very easy placement anywhere in the room or shelve. And its not just beauty without the brawns. You would be hard to differentiate the sound quality between it and their full size integrated amps like the MA6300 or MA6500 if you were pairing them with a fairly efficient pair of bookshelf speakers.

Cosmetically, the MHA150 is in great shape. Very minor scuff marks/light scratches on the chrome side panels from use but nothing major. Previous owner has not registered the unit for warranty yet so contact us on you can do it. We have the original remote, box and manual and will securely pack it for safe shipping.