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The McAire is an all-in-one (almost) system that is reminiscent of the boombox from yesteryear. I know the association is almost blasphemous but from a technical standpoint, they are very much the same. Each is self-powered with an on board amplifier and has a pair of in-built speakers. But this is where the similarities end. The boombox has an integrated cassette deck or CD player while the McAire plays streamed in music from an iPod/ iPad or a CD player via its single pair of inputs (for the more conventional user). You can even hook up a turntable through a phono preamp if you want. And unlike the portability of the boombox, the McAire is not something you want to lug over your shoulder walking down the streets. The McAire is an audio system that was designed to be an alternative to the typical audio system where there are more than one pieces in that system, have wires running all over the place and a pair of speakers that will take up more valuable real estate in your home. All the McAire needs is a place where it can sit down in regal fashion and reproduce the music it is being fed wirelessly. No docking station to dock your iPod/ iPad. Just download the McIntosh app on to your phone (iPhone) and you are ready to roll. Please refer to their online manual for compatible Apple device.

Musically, the unit is surprisingly good. Music was delivered in a fairly large scale that was unexpected from its rather “smallish” set of speakers which incidentally are attached to the main body of the unit and cannot be removed apart. The “statement” blue meter display is its only clear identifying mark of a McIntosh component sitting on the rack or table in an otherwise innocuous looking black box. Definitely the lifestyle piece for the home or room that doesn’t want the clutter of multiple audio pieces.

Cosmetically, the unit is in good shape. One previous owner from new. Minor scuff marks (on the acrylic finish areas) and nicks from use but nothing major. We have the original box, manual and remote.