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The MC1.2KW was McIntosh next most powerful amp after the over the top MC2KW. With a less extravagant and more conventional two box setting (vs. six boxes in the MC2KW and considerably much more “affordable”), the MC1.2KW could easily be the last McIntosh amp you ever own. With 1,200W in 8/4/2 ohms, the MC1.2KW has more power than you probably ever need unless your listening room is like the size of a stadium. In our 30′ x 20′ listening room, the amps barely broke a sweat raising the sound bar till our neighbors almost call the cops on us for noise disturbance. Listening to the MC1.2KW, you can’t miss the sure footed control it has over the music. The enormous power reserve gave music a dynamic range your 100W or even 300W amp ever could. McIntosh even recommends each amp be plugged into their dedicated power line (preferably 20amp rated) to fully exploit the amps vast and far reaching ability.

Both amps are in fantastic condition with very light signs of use. Big blue displays are typical McIntosh fare and will be mesmerizing in any high end listening room. Each amp weighs almost 150 lb (180 lbs boxed) and will be shipped strapped on a pallet via freight.