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We got this in about the same time as the Nagra Jazz and with almost similar MSRP, this was by far, our favorite preamp between the two. If you are a vinyl enthusiast, you would love this preamp. It has three MC phono inputs for three turntables which is really fantastic if you own and use more than one turntable in your hifi setup. The line input for a CD player is equally impressive. The clarity and size of imaging was larger, more vibrant than the Jazz. We are not saying the Jazz is no good, it is an excellent preamp but side by side with the Thoress, the Jazz sounded conservative, a bit more polite whereas the Thoress was the more “spunky” one. It is also a tube based preamp like the Jazz using one 12SN7GT tube per channel in a single stage, zero-feedback circuit. The three phono inputs are prefixed with  100 ohm resisitors which are more universal in its pairing with different MC cartridges.

The look of the preamp is debatable beauty. We like it though and like how it resembles some sophisticated medical equipment. The controls look like something you would use to control the intensity of Gamma rays. Absolutely cool.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there and some light faint scratches on the top cover. We have the original box and copy of the manual. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. See our other listing for the matching 300B monoblock amplifiers. Together with the Zingali HM215 speakers, they were a heavenly setup.