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300B based tube amps have always been a niche in the audio World. And the Thoress 300B monoblocks you see here is no different. Their 10W power output is simply magical. Not only is it reference setting in terms of the warmth but it distinguishes itself with a certain “sparkle”, clarity in the midst of that warmth. Especially when paired with its matching Integrated “Super” preamp. Circuitry on board is zero-feedback with single stage driver that utlizies two EL803S pentode tubes (by Telefunken) in triode mode. 300b tubes are from Full Music. This is probably why the sonic performance of the 300B monoblocks are in a class of its own. They do need high efficiency speakers (we used the Zingali HM-215 speakers) to really shine. In this setup, if we hadn’t told you the speakers were only driven by 10W amps, you would have thought a 200W amp was driving them. The soundstage was huge, vibrant, deep and imaged so perfectly between the speakers that the big speakers literally disappeared behind it. Each amp is only 6″ wide, 14′ tall (at its tallest point which is where the 300B tubes are) but 24″ deep! So they either have to sit on the floor or have amp stands that are deep enough to accommodate them.

Cosmetically, the amps are in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original box and copy of the manual. Units will be securely packed for safe shipping. They are shipped in two boxes. See our other listing for the matching Integrated “Super” preamp. Together with the Zingali HM215 speakers, they were a heavenly setup.