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The MC-502 is one of McIntosh more “compact” power amp. Power output is contrary to its physical size with 50W per channel in 8 ohm and 75W per channel in 4 ohm. If you could ever locate another unit, you could then assemble a pair and run them in monoblocs for 150W per channel! That is an amazing amount of power for its price tag and size.

Sonically, this is a great sounding amp. Very rich, warm, sweet and lots of bass weight. It has a solid fan base and typically sells for more than a thousand dollars and most of the time does not even include the cabinet which this one does have. Cabinet is in great shape like the amp and was previously powering a pair of McIntosh ML-1C speakers through its MQ-101 equalizer (both of which are also highly collectible and for sale in our other listing).

Cosmetically, the amp is one of the best looking units we have come across. Minor scuff marks that are typical with amps of this vintage but nothing major. See the pictures. It tells a better picture than words. Amp will be securely packed and double boxed for safe shipping.