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Don’t know about you but these speakers here was where I started my audiophile journey. And I am sure this was the case for many audiophiles out there. It was a bright sunny afternoon in California when I chance upon these speakers in a garage listening room many, many years ago. Them on a pair of 12″ stands, a McIntosh integrated, a turntable, a nice comfy couch and a wool carpet (to beautify the garage) was all that was needed to lure me into the garage, sit down on the couch and stayed till the sky was dark. I never knew what soundstaging, imaging and all that audiophile mumbo jumbo prior to that afternoon. But the McIntosh ML-1C changed all that. I remembered playing “Run through the Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revivial through that system and the drums through these speakers were incredible. The 12″ woofers and its ability to dip down to 20Hz (with the MQ-101 equalizer) was a big part of that ability. Mids were provided through an 8″ mid-woofer and the highs through a 2.25″ cone tweeter and a 0.5″ super radiator. Sensitivity was 89dB and nominal impedance was 8 ohm. The McIntosh’s integrated amp of 40W did an amazing job partnering them. That afternoon was when Creedence Clearwater Revival played “live” in that garage. This is why, it has become an iconic speaker. For the money now, this is a golden opportunity to own a great American classic. Sure there are newer speakers that offers better clarity, detail retrieval etc but do they pull your emotions into the music or even have a rich heritage like the ML-1C? We will not split up the MQ-101 or ML-1C for separate sale so don’t ask. If you look around, the MQ-101 easily fetches hundreds of dollars and most of the ML-1C that sells for $400-$500 are in serious need of a refoam. The pair you see here has had all that done and is ready for a new home.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in nice shape. The drivers – bass and midwoofer, have been refoamed so they are good for many more years to come. There are some scuff marks/scratches around the speaker cabinets but can be touched up. A small veneer peel on the equalizer and a few wear spots on the black screen film on the display panel are the “main” issues” on the MQ-101. Each speaker is 26″ tall, 15″ wide and 13.5″ deep and weighs 64lbs. So local pickup from our store preferred or if shipping is required, they will be strapped on to a pallet and ship as freight.