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$1995 Original Price: $3000
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No intro needed here. This is one of McIntosh’s best value integrated amp. Its $3,000 MSRP is a bargain considering its beautifully lush warm sound and the technology that was incorporated into it, like the Power Assurance┬ásystem that protects the amp and speakers from damage. Power rating for the integrated is a strong 120W/200W/250W in 8/4/2 ohms respectively. There are six line inputs of which one of them is a switchable phono/AUX input. For the audiophile who wants a simple system and enjoy the pleasure of simplicity, the MA6500 is a top choice. When we paired this with a SONY SCD-777ES and the Harbeth M30 speakers, the music reproduction is simply dazzling. Great soundstage and presence with good depth and weight. With cables and stands, this system barely cross over $7,000 but would easily rival any system costing up to $12,000.

Cosmetically, the MA6500 is in fine shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it in double boxes for safe shipping. The original bulbs were wearing out so when we sent it in to McIntosh’s service center in NYC to have it replaced, we told them to recap it too (with original McIntosh caps). Total cost for that alone was $600 so for $1995, you are getting a newly rejuvenated integrated amp that will last you for many more years to come.