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The unmistakable sound and look of McIntosh cannot be better represented than with the MA-6850 you see here – the blue meters, the signature look and display and the warm, powerful sound of a robust McIntosh amp. The moment you power this unit up and have music playing through it, you can tell immediately this is a McIntosh. In our opinion, the newer McIntosh amps are great but it has lost some of its uniqueness, identity that is so compelling with their older models. The MA-6850 has a sound that you can just love forever. It may not be geared towards a merciless execution of fine details like how some of the current amps are engineered where every pitch has to be perfect but rather, just focusing on the music and making it enjoyable. Which is why the older McIntosh gears are so highly sought after. Just take a look at how this unit has stayed as the anchor component in the previous owner’s system from day one. He couldn’t find anything that could dethrone it and even pre/power combos that cost three or four times as much didn’t even make him flinch. That was how much he enjoyed the MA-6850 and we don’t blame him.

Cosmetically, the amp is in good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original box, manual and remote. Its a pretty hefty amp so local pickup encouraged but shipping is possible albeit a bit more expensive.