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No intro needed here. This is McIntosh’s flagship preamp and in the realm of reference preamps, one of the best you can get for so little money (relative to other flagship preamps from other brands). Its a two boxer where the control function and power supply are split into two chassis. The set you see here is their latest offering where it has the newer, more “sophisticated” looking remote and gunmetal finish casing with the same MSRP as previous (awesome!). This set is just over a year old and in very good condition. Tube complement is six 12AX7 and six 12AT7. Sonically, there is no disputing what a wonderful sounding preamp the C1100 C/T is. Its super quiet for a tube preamp and whether you have a turntable or a line source plugged in, the C1100 C/T never fails to disappoint. The phono stage is actually quite good so if you have a top tier turntable, you might not even need a separate phono stage. Same goes with the line inputs, just simply awesome music reproduction.

We have the original boxes, manual and remote. Shipping is a two affair so factor in times two for the shipping cost.