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If you are in the market for a used preamp costing under $1,000, the Classe 5 will meet all your requirements and then some. Well built and one of the earlier models that brought the World’s attention to this small (back then) Canadian company, the Five drew in many enthusiastic response for its fresh sound, beautiful imaging and engaging personality. It was difficult to make this preamp sound bad unless you have poor sounding partners that the Five had to contend with. But partnered with a good source unit, a good amp and a good pair of speakers, you will have a sound system that sounds amazing and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Features were quite bountiful (just no phono) and yet simplified. The remote control  circuitry for example only allows three functions – mute, volume up and volume down. Typically, you would expect more for something that cost $2300 MSRP but this was a preamp with a “sound” mission. And for that, it achieved its goal.

This unit has been kept well. Except for a corner “rash” and some minor scuff marks, the overall unit looks good. Remote control looks fair with some paint peel but works 100%. Unit will be securely packed for safe arrival.