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Master Built is a cable supremo when it comes to making some truly exotic sounding cables. The Signature line is their second from the top where their starter cable starts at $2,800 for an 2.5m pr (Performance Series) and tops out at $35,000 for the flagship model (Ultra Series). Upon hooking the cables up into our system, the Signature series comes across as an “uninhibited” speaker cable. There is just an “empty” void when the music signals travel through it. No coloration, no suppression. Just pure signal pass through. We had them hooked up to our $40,000 New Audio Frontiers 845SE monoblocks and B&W 802 Diamonds with incredible result. All kinds of details were being reproduced through the B&W which were either absent or had been too “soft” in the background when lesser speaker cables were used. Compared to our Analysis Plus Golden Oval, itself a $26,000 speaker cable, the Golden Oval was smoother and had a “calmer” disposition. As if it was the more seasoned quarterback versus the rookie quarterback. Both cables are equally impressive and it all boils down to your budget and system synergy. This pair is the bi-wired version. The ends that goes into the amps have spades while the ends that goes into the speakers have BFA banana plugs.

Cosmetically, the Master Build Signature looks great. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.