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The Charisma II tube stereo preamp is a very rare find. It was much sought after for its incredible sound and value. At its $1,800 MSRP back then, it was priced in the competitive mid-range category but it didn’t sounded anything like in its category. It has a very smooth sound with clean details. Compared to our sub-$1,000 tube preamp, the NEW P-3, the Charisma II had a more transparent mid-range and better resolution. As a result, music had more liveliness to it. If your system is a bit on the bright side, the NEW P-3 might tone it down a little but if you want your system to “come alive” a bit more, than the Charisma II might do the trick. Even its phono stage was remarkable. At our asking price, the phono stage alone is well worth its price.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks really good. Front is nice and clean with just some marks on the aluminum housing cover on the main unit and the power supply. We have the original box and manual.