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The Sequel is like the little brother to the bigger Quest we had sold earlier. The ESL Transducer panel is the same size and the only difference isĀ  the smaller 10″ woofer used on the Sequel vs the 12″ used in the Quest. So physically, the Sequel has a narrower footprint (14″x13″ vs 19″x13″) and a slightly shorter demeanor (71.5″ vs 73″). Frequency response are identical at 28 Hz to 24 KHz with a sensitivity of 88 dB (90 dB on the Quest) and a nominal impedance of 6 ohm. Like the Quest, the Sequel needs a fair bit of experimentation in placement within the room. It loves to be off the back and side walls where it will project out a surreal soundstage that is both deep and tall. Imaging was holographic when playing vocals through them and the bass was tight and fast when the speakers are driven with good quality high current amps. The speakers are current and power hungry so make sure you have these two areas covered if you are considering getting these speakers. They do make a difference in terms of how these speakers sound. Martin Logan recommends amplifier power of 80-160 watts.

Previous owner added a baseplate that extended its footprint so that it is more stable and can be spiked (not included) for added isolation off the ground. Cosmetically, the speakers look good with the usual scuff marks from use and the occasional nicks here and there. We don’t have the original box so local pickup is preferred.