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The center channel is the most important speaker in a home theater setup and the Logos will perform admirably in that duty. Its a massive center speaker where it measures almost 41″ wide, stands almost 12″ tall and is almost 10″ deep. The curved nature of the speaker really “spreads” the center channel sound in a pretty wide soundfield which gave this huge soundstage presence. Frequency response is 75 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 5 ohm but does occasionally dip just below 3 ohm. So if you are thinking of getting this, make sure your amp can do down to 3 ohms. Like their regular stereo speakers, the Logos uses a mix of cone drivers and electrostatic panels. The highs are produced by a 0.5″ titanium composite dome tweeter while the mids are produced by two 17″ x 9.25″ electrostatic panels. The LF are handled by a 6.5″ woofer located at the rear cabinet. The typical speaker binding posts are standard fare that you would find in any center speaker with the exception of a very useful stand/mount the speaker is mounted on. With that stand/mount, the Logos literally can be placed in any position. It can be used as a stand (like how you see it in the pictures) or mounted on the ceiling or wall and angled to your required setting. The only caution when it is mounted on walls or ceilings is the weight of the speaker – 62 lbs. So make sure the Logos is anchored solidly if you plan to do that. With that in mind, local pickup from our store is preferred or if shipping is required, it will be strapped on a pallet and shipped as freight.

This is a real bargain center channel speaker now when a similarly “sized” in sonic presence like the B&W HTM1D cost so much more for a comparable sound effect. The bass on the B&W is lower but mids and highs are are on par with the Logos in our opinion. For under $500 now, if you are looking at B&W, you would have to contend with a much smaller B&W model like the HTM series and it doesn’t even sound half as good.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. One owner since new and was part of a all Martin Logan speaker setup. Original manual included.