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We have sold many Martin Logan speakers before but when this Montis came in, we were quite taken aback by how much better sounding it was. It was almost similar sounding to the slightly more expensive Summit and Summit X but since it is between $2,000 to $4,000 cheaper than those two models, it does have its “limitations” when compared to them. The Montis is slightly smaller, lighter but shares the same XStat™ CLS™ electrostatic transducer as the Summit X and have the same panel dimension (44″ x 11.3″) and radiating area (497 sq inch). Sensitivity is similar at 91 dB with the same 4 ohm impedance. But this is where the similarity ends. The Montis has one 10″ woofer versus two in the Summit X which limits the Montis ability to only go as deep as 29 Hz whereas the Summit X can extend down to 24 Hz. The onboard power amp still supplies 200W to the sub but in the Summit X, it has 2x200W.

Upon listening to them, like we mentioned earlier, it is the closest sounding Martin Logan speaker to the Summit X that is not going to rip a hole in your wallet. The revealing nature of the speakers are impressive and the amount of bass supplied is more than sufficient for most owners unless you want every listening session to be registered on the richter scale, in which case, adding a subwoofer will satisfy that crave. Imaging was holographic when the speakers are properly toed in. The soundstage was cleanly defined and chiseled and the speakers played better when they are off the back and side walls. They are a vast improvement over their older models like the Sequel or Aerius.

Cosmetically, the speakers look really good. Minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. We have the original boxes for them and local pickup from our store preferred or they will be shipped strapped on a pallet.