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The FormFloor is Marten’s floorstanding speaker from their “entry-level” series (yes, their entry level starts at $6,500!). It is a beautifully built speaker (Made in Sweden) that is uniquely three sided in a triangle configuration. The front of the speaker spots a 7″ ceramic woofer and a 2.2″ ribbon tweeter. Frequency range is 36-40 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 87 dB. The triangular shape is not just cosmetic but is acoustically engineered to allow the speakers to disappear and just allow the music to fill the room. The speakers does sound incredibly transparent in our medium size listening room. Bass presence was good, nicely weighted and not overly heavy. Mid-range was silky smooth and richly textured while the highs, through its ribbon tweeter was the star of the show. It was sweet, smooth and brought the mids and bass together in a sumptuous treat of musical magic.

We found the FormFloor to be incredible speakers for listening to vocals, jazz and light classical. If you like your bass thumping, skip them. But if you want a pair of speakers that paints music like Van Gogh, this is it. It does demand quality components to be paired with as that is how you want them to “bloom”. Speaker wires are connected to the five way binding post which is located under each speaker.

Cosmetically, they are in very nice shape. The rear apex of one of the speaker has a very minor ding (not visible from the front) but otherwise, both looks good and more importantly sounds marvelous. Each speaker is 8″ wide, 44″ tall and 13″ deep.