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This is Mark Levinson’s current flagship integrated amp. And being the flagship, it has all the bells and whistles you would ever need or want from an integrated amp. It is a very substantial piece with all that metal in the chassis and the huge power transformer inside. Power output is massive 200W in 8 ohm and 350W in 4 ohm per channel. The first big takeaway with the No.585.5 integrated is its excellent phono stage. Derived from its No.523 and No.526 preamps, you can now enjoy the same remarkable sound of vinyl through the No.585.5 without the hassle of pairing it with a power amp in the case of the No.523 and No.526. You can switch between MM and MC with a variety of cartridge loading settings that can be accessed to via the front panel or the remote. The second big takeaway is its digital section. There are six digital inputs that offers 32 Bit/ 192 KHz performance if you have various digital front end that you want plugged into the No.585.5. In the analog section, you have four analog inputs (1 XLR and 3 RCAs) and an analog out if you somehow feel the power output is insufficient and want to have this working as a preamp for a larger poweramp.

Soundwise, this is an incredible integrated amp. It packs all the essence of the reference standard sound of Mark Levinson’s top tier preamps and poweramps and boxed it up in this massive one piece unit. It actually sounded better than the No.532H power amp we have for sale in another listing which was driven by a non-Mark Levinson preamp (so not a really apple to apple comparison). Music was delivered tight, clean and transparent. The level of details extracted out was among the best we have heard for any amp, pre/power included, that retails for under $25,000. Our Sota Sapphire turntable sounded rich and yet so clean via its phono input and was much better than its separate phono, pre/power combo it was setup with. Ditto with digital sources too. As a one box, do all integrated, the No.585.5 hit the ball out of the park. The original No.585 was a Stereophile recommended component and this one is no different.

This unit was a former DEMO piece and is in near mint condition. Very low hours of use in the showroom. We have the original box, manual, remote and accessories that came with it. Due to its weight and large packing boxes, shipping will be a bit on the high side. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.