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The No.51 is an astoundingly expensive media player that was only tip over by the Meridian Model 800 DVD player that cost $2,000 more than the Levinson. At this level you can only expect nothing but ground breaking levels of performance. And this it does, but contentiously. Sure the video playback had all the hallmarks of a reference standard with crystal clear images and sharp coloration but we feel that the audio portion of the player is where it sets it apart from the competition and does it in a less contentious fashion. It is not a bargain buy at $18,000 MSRP but under $5,000 now, it is a best buy. It will rival any CD player that cost up to $10,000 without breaking a sweat. Music was sharp and precise and musical nuances were accurately picked up where lesser players missed it entirely.

There are not many No.51s circulating around the world (I heard that only around 150 were ever made) which makes it one of the rarest Mark Levinson piece to own. This unit was previously part of a full Mark Levinson system that included the N0.502 AV preamp, No.432 and No.433 amps (to be listed soon). Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major and we have the original boxes, manual, remote and accessories.