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The No.432 stereo amp is all muscle and power. Plugging this amp into your system and you will immediately feel its authority over the whole system. It will effortlessly drive any speakers and when paired with a good preamp and source unit, you will be treated to a large scale class act. Instruments were sharp and precise and bass was tight and punchy. Even at really loud volumes, you can sense that the amp is barely breaking a sweat delivering the pounding volumes.

This is a truly World Class amplifier. At its $9,000 MSRP, it was widely considered a bargain amongst users and reviewers alike and for under $4,000 now, it is the best buy of amplifiers. It will easily thrash any sub $5,000 amp with ease. We have the original box and manual. There are some light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. It still looks very good overall.