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What is remarkable about Levinson preamps from past years are that they have become so affordable they are gate crashing the “preamp” party and putting to shame these newer preamps that sell with their new MSRPs in the same bracket as the Levinson. Take this No.38 for example, you have an abundant of choices at this price range but try finding one that is just as well build, sound just as good and more importantly, Made in the USA and that list of choices gets down really quickly. This was a preamp (and its other gears) that was built at the time where Levinson was at the front end of the industry. Sonically, it had a very natural sound, slightly rich mid-range, beautiful transparency and a pretty expansive soundstage. This was a remarkable piece in its day and still beats many contemporary under $3,000 preamp easily (in our opinion). If this is not a great time to own a classic Levinson gear, than we don’t know what is. We have left the original settings of the previous owner on it so if you want to rename some of the inputs, you can do so after getting it.

Cosmetically, it has some scuff marks/ light scratches on the case cover but nothing major. We have the original remote and a right angled AC cord will be included. The preamp will be securely packed for safe shipping.