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Mark Levinson’s former flagship preamp, the No.32 was an extraordinary preamp. Rated as one of the best preamp money can buy, Mark Levinson went even further and upped the ante with the No.52. Being their 40th Anniversary when this preamp was launched, no expense was spared in creating this masterpiece. With their current range of preamps, the No.523 ($15,000) and No.526 ($20,000), we don’t know if Levinson will ever go back to producing their flagship in a two chassis setup. So if the No.52 is their last two piece preamp, this is destined to be a collector’s piece years down the road. But for the moment, the No.52 is unequivocally, the standard bearer for the best amongst the best. The resolution is incredible with first class transparency, detail, finesse and warmth and texture that would embarrass even the best tube preamps. The No.52 has a much more beefier power supply over the No.32 and this clearly payed a major part in its sonic excellence. For the vinyl enthusiast, you will be very happy with their phono input. Just the phono section alone, it will rival any phono stages out there costing up to $8,000.

The No.52 is at home when paired with the best audio gears. So if you are looking at this, it needs top notch front end, power amp, speakers and cables to really end the conversation on what a reference standard system should sound like. We have left the current settings for the inputs unchanged so if you want to activate more inputs or change the description, you would need to do that upon receiving the unit. Unit is in very good shape and will ship in their original crate. So no FEDEX ground shipping on this. Local pickup can be arranged. We have the original remote and manual.