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The No.31.5 was a stunning CD transport in its heyday and at $9,500, was an expensive one too. Together with the No.30.6 /PL-330 DAC (also for sale in another listing), it mothed into a $30,000 combo that set the stage as one of the best sounding CD player system ever. The No.31.5 was massively over built. Even the drop cover was a solid piece of metal that had to be operated with a “mini-engine”. Although its no-nonsense industrial design was always the opening piece of conversation in anyone’s home, it was the music it reproduces that then silences everyone and left their jaw dropping. When compared to a dCS Paganini stack, it may lack the voracious appetite of the dCS in retrieving the digital bits, it was nonetheless a very musical sounding unit and had a touch more “naturalness” to the sound. It wasn’t harshly analytical and had a certain smoothness and richness in its sound. In terms of DAC pairing with the No.31.5, its a jungle out there. There will probably be some good pairings out there with the No.31.5 but with the No.30.6/PL-330 that we currently have it paired in our store, it was musical heaven.

We have the original remote, AC cord, manual, original box and the all important transport locking screws. Cosmetically, the No.31.5 is in very good condition with just minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major.